The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Happy running?

I’ve been ill for weeks. Literally, since we moved, I haven’t felt well. It all started with the curtains – or the lack of them. I never realised how crucial curtains were to life until I didn’t have any. Have you ever tried sleeping next to a window with a street light right outside it? It is, quite frankly, impossible. So, for the first night, I didn’t sleep at all.

The second night we put up some duvet covers and moved the bed away from the window. The duvet covers were a bit thin and the stupid street light shone brightly through them. I slept a bit the second night.

The third night we put up some extra towels and blankets on top of the duvet covers which pretty successfully shut out the street light. However, having the bed nearer to the bathroom, I couldn’t sleep with the dripping cistern (not sure why it is dripping, seems impossible to stop it even by fiddling with the inner workings of the toilet). So, although I did sleep the third night, I didn’t sleep that well.

By the fourth night, we put the lid down on the toilet, had the duvet covers up plus the extra towels and shut the bathroom door and I did get a reasonable night’s sleep but we also had Peter’s induction service, had to meet and talk to a lot of people (people = germs) and by then, with my lowered immunity due to lack of sleep, I succumbed to whatever illnesses everybody else was carrying – and I haven’t recovered since then. That was 7 weeks ago!!!

Maybe I should have just put my hands up in surrender and taken to my bed but I wasn’t really all that ill, I just wasn’t well either. I tried to carry on running, although I couldn’t really do any speed sessions and it was a bit boring just running up and down the prom – even though I do rather like the running by the beach and the river.

Early morning run along the prom

Early morning run along the prom

But now I’m properly ill – the result of being off work for a week no doubt. Maybe if I took another week off then I might get better! But no chance of that unfortunately.

So I haven’t actually run now for about two weeks and you don’t realise how much you like running until you can’t actually run. It’s beautiful – the freedom, the feeling of being fit, the time to think, the views, the challenge, the pain, the fun of it all. So, I’m looking forward to feeling well again. Hopefully that won’t be too long. I’m rather hoping that now my kids have been at school/nursery for a while they will have had all the local germs. We’ve already got over chicken pox (two children) so we don’t have that to worry about and hopefully the spring/summer term will bring home less coughs and colds and I will be fit and ready to run once again.

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