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Walking in London

It’s hot in London today, just in case you haven’t noticed. I’m wondering why I brought my warm coat with me when it seems to be summer here. It wasn’t summer in Liverpool when I left. On Monday morning I practically had to defrost my hands after walking in to work. I had difficulty signing the security sheet for the keys to my department because my hands were so cold and yet here I am, two days later, sitting in the sunshine by the British Library enjoying a fiocatta from the Artisans market outside King’s Cross Station (apparently it is there every Wednesday and is possibly worth commuting from Liverpool for) and killing a bit if time before my train back to Liverpool. I do hope it is summer there too.

It’s nice to be back in London. There are many things I don’t miss about London (like the long commute to work) but there are also some things that I do miss. I wonder if I really made the best of the time I had here. But then again, it is expensive, so very expensive. I was leafing through the property section of the a Evening Standard and you should see how much it costs to rent in London! What you pay for one week in London you pay for one month where we live on the Wirral.

I’ve been at a meeting of radiopharmacists near the Barbican today. I’m not sure if there is a collective noun for radiopharmacists would be but I would propose ‘weird’ as a suitable term – ‘a weird of radiopharmacists’ met today in London. They are also harmless and quite nice but there is definitely something slightly strange about them. The meeting finished quite early and the trains back are incredibly expensive before 7pm so hence I find myself blogging by the British library before my train leaves.


Anyway, I walked back to King’s Cross with my friend, Jilly (who actually isn’t that weird, she’s really rather too normal to be a Radiopharmacist). She says that she loves walking and her pedometer had recorded over 9km for her today! It’s great to walk around London. I’m not sure why so many people squeeze onto the tube when it is often quicker and always more pleasant to walk. You also get to see London from a different perspective. I walked from Queen Victoria Street to the meeting this morning and got a great view of St. Paul’s cathedral walking up Watling Street. It wasn’t the classic tourist perspective you get of the cathedral but more of a hidden aspect. Beautiful.


I love taking those narrow old streets and finding myself in unexpected squares or little parks that I never knew existed. You also get the time to take in features like statues or murals that you don’t even see if you are below ground. A few months ago when I was in London I saw them filming for some TV programme or film near Euston Station. It was great with really old horse drawn carriages and authentic smog. It felt like I’d stepped back in time.

The next best thing to walking is to sit on the upper deck of the bus. I took the bus from Homerton to the city this morning and it was great going through Shoreditch and Bethnal Green and then up past Liverpool Street Station. Things have changed a fair bit since I used to take a similar route to Homerton Hospital when I was training as a pharmacist but mostly for the better.

So, next time you’re in London just pull out and A-Z map and get walking. You never know what you might see.

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