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I actually ran today!

It probably wasn’t a good idea for my first run for ages to run to the station with a heavy backpack first thing in the morning after gulping down a quick breakfast. It’s only about 2 miles to the station which was good in one way but 2 miles is barely enough time to warm up. I was just getting going and, if it hadn’t been for my worry about missing the train then I might have been tempted to go a bit further as I just felt like I was getting going. It was a bit painful though. Every muscle in my legs seemed to hurt at some stage, and it wasn’t quick. The views of Liverpool were good though with the rising sun.  IMG_2181  Once I got on the train I regretted eating breakfast before I left home. I thought I was going to be sick. I had to run to the station because I’m off to Switzerland to look at a PET hot cell and I couldn’t leave my car in Liverpool because I will get a taxi home when I return late tomorrow night. I also didn’t want to, leave my bike at the station because I probably wouldn’t be able to pick it up again until the weekend. So here I am at Manchester Airport waiting for the plane. We had a bit of trouble with a toothbrush going through security! Luckily not mine. Hope to have a good trip but I doubt that I’ll see much of Switzerland.

One comment on “I actually ran today!

  1. roamingpursuits
    April 23, 2015

    Nice shot.


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