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School Trip

We’ve spent the day in Switzerland looking at a PET hot cell. It’s been a bit like a school trip. We kept having to stop for a head count to make sure everybody was with us and Mark carefully handed each of us our train tickets and gave us strict instructions to keep them somewhere safe when we got the train from Zurich to Bern.

Apart from Mark (from the company whose hot cells we were looking at) I was travelling with Super Steve, Lady Eleanor, (both from the hospital) Somerset Dave and Unlikely James (from the company building the new hospital).

Arriving in Zurich late last night, we stayed in a hotel there before travelling on this morning. The bed in the hotel was big enough for my whole family to sleep in and I felt that the space was somewhat wasted with just me in the bed.


It was a very worthwhile visit and great to have the opportunity to see such a good PET facility and to see the hot cells in a real use situation. It also gave us great opportunity to talk through specific details and also for the guys from the company doing the build to see the standards we are expecting.

We didn’t get any chance to see Bern, apart from the train station and it wasn’t any better in Zurich because we had to get the train to the airport so didn’t even step foot in the city. Somerset Dave and Unlikely James couldn’t get on our flight so they, no doubt, will be touring the city as we sit in the airport lounge in Amsterdam.


We had the world’s most expensive cup of tea in Starbucks at Zurich Airport – £3.70!!!!!! It doesn’t help that the exchange rate between the British Pound and Swiss Franc isn’t very good. The Swiss should all visit England where you can get a cup of tea in Greggs for £1.25 at Manchester Airport.


We nearly lost Lady Eleanor. One minute she was there and the next minute she was gone. We still have no idea where she went, probably up the wrong escalator, but we reconvened at the departure gate after a few telephone calls. Minus marks for Mark for losing one of his pupils.

Anyway, when we had gone through security and got on the plane, we were all somewhat surprised to find ourselves sitting in business class! Not sure how that happened but at least I’m not paying for the tickets. It was great, we all got fed and we ate with real cutlery!

IMG_2203 I read through most of the Liberal Democrats manifesto and filled Mark in on the good and bad points. I’m not 100% convinced that he enjoyed this political interaction or if he was just being polite. He did try to distract me by pointing out the view from the plane window though.

IMG_2204 I noticed that Lady Eleanor took full advantage of the free drinks on board by drinking Cava and then we all piled into the KLM lounge for more food and drink at Amsterdam. I fully expect that we will be fed again on the flight to Manchester. I won’t need to eat tomorrow.

So, a long, action-packed day. The KLM staff were great but I suspect that it is always great if you are travelling Business Class. I wonder if you travel Business Class all the time whether you end up getting really picky and not appreciating it. I think Mark and I were the politest most grateful passengers they had ever had as we were so excited to be travelling in luxury. Also, thanks to the KLM stewardess who rescued my iPod that I dropped as I was getting off the plane.

One comment on “School Trip

  1. Moritz
    April 23, 2015

    Sounds like a great trip. Especially flying Business Class is always a pleasuer, especially when flying KLM!


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