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A.P. McCoy

As the sun sets on an amazing career, the Telegraph yesterday reflected on the racing legend that is Tony McCoy. He will race his final race at Sandown tomorrow.


I rather liked this photo I took from the plane yesterday as we flew out of Amsterdam, kind of sums up the situation quite well with McCoy’s face reflected in the plane window.

I’m not a big racing fan, I’ve only been to the races once and I’m certainly not somebody who bets but I did wonder whether, if you had bet, say £10, on every race that Tony McCoy had been in whether you would have made or lost money. Many somebody has worked it out but, with 4000 winners by November 2013, I think that you probably won’t have done too badly.

I heard him being interviewed on Radio 5 before the Grand National, he had no idea what he was going to do once he had retired! I suspect that we haven’t heard the last from him though.

2 comments on “A.P. McCoy

  1. mrscotney
    April 25, 2015

    You’d be well down – about £17000 for £10 a race! His odds would be shorter because he wins so much, and in any event, he probably only wins at best on one fifth of his rides!


    • runmaggiecooper
      April 25, 2015

      Well luckily I didn’t waste £17,000 then and I didn’t even waste a tenner today!


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