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Being Three

There is a stage in every child’s life where they go from being fully dependent on you to thinking that they can do everything for themselves. This seems to coincide with the phase where everything should be done in a certain way. Food must be served on a certain plate, everybody must sit in a certain seat, nobody else can play with ‘his’ toys or watch the video that he is watching and going to bed is something other people do. Daniel has reached this stage of his life.

On the plus side, he is becoming more articulate and we can actually understand more of what he is saying – a situation not helped by his poor hearing. He is also able to hold his own glass of juice and, in most cases, feed himself. However, this is often at the expense of me being fed as he wants to sit on my knee not his chair to eat and then he gets disproportionately upset if I happen to accidentally drop food on him while trying to eat one-handed.


It’s a bit of an in between stage full of fun and frustrations. One minute he is chuckling away and the next there are tears. He got upset that his nose was wet but the only reason that his nose was wet was because he was crying because his nose was wet.

He also gets upset if he feels he is being hard done by. Lots of tears when Peter dared to take some cheese from the cheese grater tray after he’d grated enough cheese for both of them but Daniel saw it as ‘his’ cheese. He keeps wanting more – or as he says “bigger” – of everything. I’m wondering if this is simply because he thinks that we are diddling him out of food and drink.  And then there are the smiles and the laughter and those big twinkling eyes full of excitement and pleasure over the most simple of things and a face smeared in chocolate as he tries to stuff too much in his mouth at once with a massive grin on his face.

I hope that that excitement and joy don’t dwindle as the years pass and he can continue to laugh through tears and bring us all immense pleasure.

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