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Why watching marathons is dangerous

I madly rushed from Victoria up to a Parliament Square yesterday lunchtime. The train company, in their wisdom, had decided that I had needed 56 min to travel from Euston to Victoria so had booked me on the 12:34 from Victoria to Brighton. I did it in 17 min thus giving me time to sprint up Victoria Street to view the leading men (and the odd wheelchair athlete) in the London marathon.

You could feel the atmosphere, the excitement and the passion and seeing those leading men fly by was beautiful, like seeing master craftsmen at work. Even then I could sense my feet getting itchy, wanting to be liberated from my daytime shoes and released into my running shoes.

I haven’t run properly for weeks. After not feeling well since we moved way back in February, I decided to give running a bit of a break and try to let my body recover from all the coughs and colds and general feeling of not being well. I have no races coming up and no clear goals about what I am going to do next and I am in a bit of a state of limbo having not joined a local club since moving from London. So, there was no need to train hard. But recently I’ve wanted to get out running again and had to resist the temptation because I still don’t feel 100%. I want to be well first and foremost and then I want to be fit.

I’d tracked my friends running the marathon yesterday, it was fantastic seeing friends who are close to the same standard as me going under the magic 3 hours mark (proving in fact that they are actually better than me but in my mind I’m up there with them!) and just seeing others perform really well. I don’t think any of them were unhappy with their runs and just finishing was a major achievement. The pride, the joy and the sense of achievement is infectious. I thought, “I could do that again and maybe even squeeze under 3 hours myself!”

Worse though was watching the highlights on the TV. If I’d had my running stuff with me then I might just have gone out running there and then and I was tempted to see what marathons I could sign up for.

This morning I’ve been bombarded with emails from this or that marathon trying to tempt me to take part and now I see that the entries for the Cheltenham Half marathon, which I’d quite like to run in, are open and I nearly, oh so nearly, signed up there and then.


To further tempt me, the weather was beautiful this morning and, as I walked to the station, a couple were happily jogging by. That’s where I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be going to a conference, I wanted to be running. I wanted to be getting fit again. I wanted to be racing.

Such are the emotions of watching others competing, enjoying the thrill of racing or just jogging. It sucks you in and you want to be part of it. You might get sucked in further than you want though and find yourself committed to running some crazy distance – possibly dressed in some outrageous outfit. So, my advice is, don’t watch a marathon or you might become overwhelmed by the whole thing and go and do something stupid like actually enter one!

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