The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Pheasants, food and funny lecturers

I had to get up early this morning. Anybody would think I’m a radiopharmacist or something! The talks in the radiopharmacy session at the conference started at 8:30am. Whose idea was that?! Anyway, it meant catching the 6:44 from Dormans, via East Croydon, to Brighton. As I was walking to the station I saw a pheasant. It was too far away to take a photo with the iPad so I tried to get a photo on my Coolpix camera but it too is a bit basic for taking pictures of birds from a distance. The pheasant was beautiful though and was an unexpected surprise for me although I suspect that the locals could tell I was a tourist as I got my camera out to take a photo of something that is for them, no doubt, a frequent sighting.

I arrived at the conference in time for some interesting talks on the shortage of molybdenum. OK, I know that that doesn’t actually sound all that interesting, but it is relevant. In the break I managed to grab a cupcake from an exhibitors stand, have a detailed conversation about radiopharmacy computer system with a fellow radiopharmacy bod and still made it back in time to lecture hall to hear my friends’ talks.

Over lunch (cheese and onion pasty) I was persuaded to go to the Annual Lecture given by a guy from MD Anderson in Texas about molecular imaging. I had hoped to sit at the back or at least on the side so that I could slip out if it was a bit boring but all my old friends from KCL were near the front so I ended up sandwiched in the middle of a row towards the front of the conference hall, from which there was no escape. So I sat back and listened.

The speaker was very funny. I’m not entirely sure that I learnt all that much about molecular imaging, although I did learn that they have a very good set-up at MD Anderson, but I did learn a good joke. What is the definition of politics? Well, poly means many and tics are blood sucking parasites so politics means many blood sucking parasites! That reminds me, I must finish reading the Conservative party manifesto or I won’t have time for Labour or UKIP.


So, after speaking to a few contacts in the exhibition hall, I headed back for tea at the in-laws. I have to say that the catering at the in-laws is very good and it is a bit of a treat not to have to do the cooking – and I got to eat my food before it went cold rather than having to look out for the kids. I hope that the hospital appreciate that I have saved them money both on food and board.

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