The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Added workout

I haven’t been running much recently because I haven’t felt very well and I really wanted to recover from the constant battle with coughs and colds and general unwellness these past couple of months. However, I’m beginning to feel quite a bit better. Also, we have the problem of only having one car at the moment because the other is in the garage. Normally Peter takes the kids to school and I drive to work and then I pick them up on my way home. This requires two cars as I usually leave for work before anybody else is up.

So, I decided to leave the car with Peter (rather than make him walk 2 miles to the station with 3 kids in tow) and run the 2 miles to the station myself. This would have been fine but for the fact that a) I am pretty unfit, b) I left 5 min later than intended and c) it was pouring with rain. 

I actually made it with a few minutes to spare, bought my ticket and rushed down the stairs (99 of them) to the platform. Disaster. I was on the northbound platform and the train goes from the southbound platform! The only way to cross the line (without risking death) was to go all the way back up the stairs and then back down the other side. There was no way it was worth risking waiting for the lift, the stairs were my only hope.


I had about 2 minutes before the train was due. I was on the wrong platform. 198 steps stood between me and my train. My legs were tired. My wet running trousers were sticking to my legs. Droplets of water were dripping from my hair, I could hardly see through my rain fogged spectacles. The train was rapidly heading south. I was destined to miss it.

I got back up to the station concourse. I was never going to make it. I clambered down the stairs two at a time. I risked going over on my ankle. I got to the platform. The train was approaching. The doors opened. I collapsed onto the seat in a tired wet heap.

I only had about 10 min before I had to get off again so not much time to either dry out or relax before picking up my heavy, damp bag and heading towards the hospital. During the day I kept having to apologise to people as my damp clothes hung drying off every available chair. In the new hospital I will insist they fit a tumble drier in my office.

At least the weather had cleared up a bit for the run home and I could actually see Liverpool clearly on the other side of the Mersey rather than viewing the city through rain clouds.

IMG_2282I told Dominic yesterday that I would take him out for a run after school today. He wasn’t exactly keen but he didn’t create as much fuss as usual so I think he probably didn’t really mind coming out with me. We just jogged about half a mile along the river and back again. He was pretty good. He chatted to me about PE where they had done 200m and the shot putt. He said he was the second fastest in his year, he didn’t say where he was in the shot putt though but he is pretty slight and not really made for throwing heavy objects around.

I told him that we would run round the anchor and then run back the way we had come. He took me a little too literally and ran round the anchor.


He was pretty good running with me. I took it a bit steadier than normal but it wasn’t exactly slow. He still managed to keep going without complaining or walking. Maybe I will make a runner out of him after all.

I told Naomi that it was her turn tomorrow. She said “Do I have to?” Might be slightly more difficult to get her out of the door.

Total distance run about 6.5 miles. Average speed – slower than I’d like to admit.

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