The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

I can’t even beat my son!

I was meant to be taking Naomi out for a run after school but she really didn’t want to come with me. So instead we waited for Peter to pick up Daniel from the nursery and we went down to the river with the kids on their bikes.

image I did some strides on the beach and then ran up and down the slipway while I waited for  Peter to come along with Daniel. In the meantime I raced Dominic (on his bike) up the slope. It wasn’t a very long hill and the quicker runner’s start meant I quite easily beat him! 1-0 to mummy.

I was getting a bit cold in my running gear so I didn’t want to stop long on the beach while the kids played. The problem was that Daniel did want to stay on the beach and then he refused to put his feet on the peddles when Peter put him back on the tricycle.

While Peter negotiated an awkward toddler, I ran ahead to the steps of Wallasey Town Hall. I’ve seen people running up and down the steps before so I asked Dominic to race me. He was up for the challenge – so much so that he got a slight headstart. He was pretty swift. I couldn’t catch him! I can’t believe he beat me even though I was doing three steps at a time towards the top! Mummy 1 Dominic 1.


Naomi didn’t bother to run up but at least she walked to the top.

While we were out a package arrived containing the following item:

IMG_0028 Peter asked Naomi what she thought it was. She turned it over but looked blankly. “What about this side?” he asked, showing her the flat side. “What are those bits?” Naomi looked for a moment and said “it’s a smiley face!” Just goes to show how her mind works. It is in fact a USB charger for the car.

Other running today: to station 15min 30sec then from station to work 7 min 28 sec but only 2.6 miles total so not exactly quick but it was first thing this morning with a backpack and its uphill all the way from Lime Street station to work – that’s my excuse anyway. Nothing to do its me being unfit.

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