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Spaceport Liverpool

You know how it is when you live in a city, you never get round to visiting the local attractions. When we lived in London, I worked almost opposite the London Eye. I could see it from my office. In boring lectures, I would count how many pods had gone past the window in order to gauge how much time was left in the lecture. Yet I never actually went on the London Eye. The same can be said for any number of London’s famous attractions.

Well, the Spaceport is one of Liverpool’s attractions and it is only about half a mile from our front door so we thought that we really ought to give it a try. It’s been shut for refurbishment but opened again today and that might explain why it wasn’t very busy – that and the appalling weather. There were quite a few hands on things for the kids to do as well as information about space.


Dominic enjoyed trying to move the Mars probe. When I did it I hit something or fell down a hole and the thing exploded so that’s why I don’t work for NASA.

Peter found that he weighed in at a massive 233 kg!! I thought he’d put on a bit of weight recently and then we found that Daniel was stood on the scales too and that was actually their combined weight on Jupiter not on Earth.

image We went for a ride in a space vehicle – which was more like a roller coaster ride and is not great if you get travel sick. I did feel a bit queasy afterwards. They said that about two thirds of astronauts get some kind of travel sickness when they go into space due to the lack of gravity. It is kind of like trying to read a book in the car. I would never have made an astronaut, which is a pity because back in 1989 I did apply for a job as an astronaut. However, the fact that I’m pretty short-sighted was probably more of a problem than my travel sickness. I would have liked to have gone into space though.

imageUpstairs they had some experiments to do with light and forces and general physics type stuff. Because there was hardly anybody there, my kids got to play with pretty much everything. We liked the lights…

imageand the ghostly images…

image and Daniel really loved the hovering beach ball…

image I liked the plasma ball….

image and the convection currents from the kettle heating coil…

image We had a good day and the staff were really friendly.

Outside you could see the cruise ship, MV Boudicca, docked at Pier Head. You don’t often see really big ships on the Mersey but the visit of Boudicca will be nothing compared with the visit of the three Queens, Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, later this month.


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