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Grey day – perfect for running

I am so unfit, which is not a state that I’m all that familiar with. I know that it’s going to be a bit of a battle to get fit again but at least there is no rush. I do, however, need to do some running if I am ever going to get fit again.

I thought that this was a good time of the year to start up my training again. You know, as winter turns to spring and we start to get those long warm days where just being outside is a joy. Forget it. The weather today was terrible. Grey doesn’t even begin to describe the colour of the sky and it was a little breezy to say the least.

I forgot that it was Wednesday. The kids like to go to an after school club and I thought that this would make an excellent opportunity to go for a run round the park while I waited for them. But, as I said, I forgot it was Wednesday so, when I picked them up from school I didn’t have my kit with me. No after school club and no run. We all just went home.

I would have gone running when we got home but I still has to cook tea and Peter was just back from a residential course so I didn’t want to just disappear out of the door after I hadn’t seen him for 2 days. And, of course, there was the weather!

So I ate my tea. When I looked out of the window a bit later I could actually see sunshine! Seems a bit unlikely in the north of England in May but further investigation revealed that it really was the sun peaking out from behind the rain clouds. That was all the encouragement I needed to get my running kit on and go out of the front door.

It was still a bit windy but it was OK, I’ve run in worse weather. The wind was full in my face all the way to New Brighton but I knew that would mean that I would be a bit quicker on the way back. Also it was really peaceful out with very few people on the path along the river, just a few dog walkers.

My aim was to run around 8 min per mile. It was never going to be quick after I’d eaten but I just wanted to do something steady. It’s about 3.7 miles in total and there’s a nice steep slope to run up to finish it off. I was a little over 8 min per mile when I stopped to take the photo at 2.5 miles but, with the wind at my back I sped up to finish with an average pace of 7:59. Success.

Maybe tomorrow I will actually get out before I eat!

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