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Polling Day

Today is the day of the general election. OK, I realise that that might be stating the obvious if you are reading this in the UK today but maybe not so obvious in 3 months time or if you are not British.

It was like something out of the past. I had to queue. I’ve never had to queue before! What was going on? Was there an unexpectedly large turnout or were the people who were organising the election just a little disorganised? As it turned out the latter was the case. If the organisation for the count is as good as this then we might expect the result of voting from the Wallasey constituency to come in sometime around November.

Luckily, it wasn’t raining. In fact, rather surprisingly it was quite sunny. Unlike when we lived in London, I knew nobody in the queue, nobody from the church, the kids school, the running club or just locals that you bump into in the shops. However, there was a bit of a community spirit as we all waited patiently to cast our votes.

It turned out that there was just one pair of ladies issuing the voting papers and one voting booth! Unbelievable. Are they trying to put people off voting?

I should have gone when I went to the gym but the family were hungry and I had to cook tea as soon as I got back from my session on the treadmill.

Unlike yesterday, I actually went running BEFORE eating. This was a tremendous advantage, although it would have helped if I had had time to drink something before I left home. 10 x 400m at 6 min/mile pace with only 1 min rest and a definite lack of air conditioning or any kind of fan is not optimum if you start off thirsty.

I’m not sure if there really is no air conditioning but it was distinctly warm in there. The situation wasn’t helped when I was joined on both sides by rather sweaty (smelly) women. The one to my left hardly seemed to be putting in enough effort to work up a sweat. She was walking slower than my slowest walk between reps! At least the one to my right was actually trying to run.

On the subject of smelly things. The potty training is not going well. Not at home anyway. The nursery report great success (potty 1 pants 0) but we have not done so well at home. I did manage to bribe Daniel to sit on the potty by giving him chocolate but I can’t help thinking I was duped. 

I’m not sure that there was ever any intention on his part to deliver the goods. He was still on the potty when I came back from voting but we were no nearer to getting a result than the people counting the votes in our constituency will be later this evening.

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