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Roll down a hill

I ran a bit quicker today, partly because I was in a bit of a hurry (I wanted to take the kids to the park – see later) and partly because it was not first thing in the morning. Actually it was after lunch, which was not ideal but luckily I hadn’t eaten all that much so didn’t suffer, except after about 50m I realised that I had failed to actually drink anything.

I thought that I was running quite well until I noticed that I was being blown along and would have to face a gale against me on my return. I’m far from flowing when it comes to running right now and it was more effort than it should have been at that pace on an almost flat route (apart from the big hill at the start and end). I had misjudged the weather too and was far too hot. Oh well, another 3.7 miles logged at 7:27 per mile. 

The second thing to do on Dominic’s “50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4” was to roll down a really big hill. Actually, we did do that in Mill Hill once before and I was very nearly sick as a result. Also, as I remember, we all got absolutely covered in grass cuttings because they had just cut the grass.

We don’t know the area around Wallasey where we are now living very well but Diane from the church had told me that they had sometimes gone to Harrison Park for the sunrise service on Easter Sunday because of the view so I figured that there must be some hills there.

Although I wouldn’t describe them as really big hills, we were not disappointed. Dominic enthusiastically ran to the top to find a good place to roll down. The rest of the family took a more sedate approach and admired the views over Wallasey.

I was a bit concerned about dog poo hidden in the grass but, on my mother-in-laws advice, I had actually remembered to bring the baby wipes. Thankfully they were not needed and Dominic thoroughly enjoyed rolling down the hills.

Naomi wisely resisted the temptation to join him and picked buttercups instead and tested everyone to see if they liked butter.

 After that we all went to the playground which seemed to consist of a pirate ship in a sea of sand so Naomi and Dominic made sand angels.

I wondered whether Harrison Park was anything to do with the Beetles’ George Harrison but it isn’t! It was presented to the town by the Harrison family long before he was even born (in 1896) in memory of their parents. You can get a good view of it from the train between New Brighton and Wallasey Grove Road.

Next thing on the 50 things to do is camping in the wild but we might have to wait a few weeks before we can do that. I’m quite keen on the snail race but the kids didn’t seem quite as enthusiastic. 

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