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Too hot to handle 

Monday night means curry night. Unfortunately I forgot that I didn’t have a jar of curry sauce to use – no problem though, it’s really not too difficult to make your own curry sauce from scratch. Is it? I actually had all the ingredients that I needed (for a change). I even had some chillis in the fridge. 

All was going well until I actually tasted the curry that I had made. It nearly blew my head off!! I’d rather underestimated the chillis. I was far from sure that the kids would be able to eat it because it was unbelievably hot. This meant an emergency trip to buy yoghurt on the way to collect Daniel.

It all turned out OK in the end and, in spite of Dominic complaining about the addition of the spinach, he did say he liked it. 

At least I got my run in before the curry, although it might well have made me run faster!  It wasn’t too bad though in spite of the blustery wind. I actually felt like I was running pretty well in parts but they were mainly the parts where the wind was blowing me along. 

I took the normal route along the Mersey. There was another massive ship docked ion the Liverpool side. I’m not sure if it was the same one as before, the MV Boudicca, but it looked the same.

It seemed windier on the way back so I was pleased to keep up a half decent pace (7:24 per mile for 3.7 miles). I’m not running well but I can’t expect too much having done so little training over the last few months. I feel I’ve lost a lot of speed and strength but I hope that I can get it back over the coming weeks. 

Monday night also means family movie night. Tonight it’s Harry Potter. 

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  1. That looks and sounds amazing!!!!


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