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Moans about Manchester

I had to go to Manchester today. I’ve only been to Manchester a few times and, to be honest, I’ve never been able to give the city the time it deserves. However, it’s also not a city that I would rush to visit as it has failed to inspire me. This is probably not helped by my experiences of the city to date which include a dismal day’s athletics where I came last (by a long way) in several races last summer in a match where my club were very short of decent athletes. I think it sealed our relegation to the league below and was a fairly miserable experience.

Maybe I’m being unfair. After all, my relationship with Manchester has to a greater degree (athletics aside) consisted of walking along Oxford Road to the Manchester Royal Infirmary. Oxford Road is not to be confused with Oxford Street – that’s in London and Oxford Road bears little similarity to Oxford Street.

It does have a few interesting buildings, many of which are associated with the university but it doesn’t have many shops – well at least not the part from the train station to Manchester Royal Infirmary. 

The other thing that I’ve noticed about Manchester – and this may just be an unlucky co-incidence – but the weather is always terrible. It can be nice and sunny wherever you have come from but, as you approach Manchester, the rain clouds begin to congregate overhead.

Even today it was like that (see photo above). It was nice and sunny in Liverpool but cold with a hint of rain in Manchester. For a moment I thought it was raining while I was getting on the train but it turned out that the driver was cleaning the train windows and it was just the spray from that. Now, as I head back home, there are blue skies above and we’ve left the rain clouds in Manchester.

Maybe one day I will find out that Manchester has more to offer than cold wind and rain. I look forward to that day.

I’m late home. It was a mistake agreeing to go to an afternoon meeting in Manchester. There is no way that I’m going to get a run in today. Luckily I’ve managed to persuade John to go to Salford tomorrow instead of me. It does mean that I have to get in ultra early in the morning for work but at least it won’t be me waiting for an hour at Eccles station for the train back to Liverpool. Perhaps I should have mentioned to him that the trains only go every hour and there is nowhere warm to wait and nothing to do there. Well, he could go and buy an Eccles cake.

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