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Royal Princess

I ran my normal route today along the banks of the Mersey. It was a bit windy. Actually, I’m not sure why I bothered saying that because it is always windy. The only thing that changes is the direction of the wind. Today it was in my face as I ran towards New Brighton. Perhaps in future I should only comment if there is no wind.

When I turned to head home I noticed that there was a wacking great big ship in the Liverpool dock. How had I completely failed to notice it when I ran down Guinea Gap?! It was as tall as the Liver Building.

Well, it turns out that this is the Royal Princess and she is truly huge. Apparently she carries 3560 passengers. Peter suggested that probably, when the passengers heard that they had arrived in Liverpool, they hadn’t bothered to get off. This is a completely unwarranted comment – shame on him. I mean, what more could you want than a day out in Liverpool? – and it was sunny. And, to add to the excitement the Lord Mayor of Liverpool presented the captain of the Royal Princess with a birthday cake to celebrate Princess cruises 50th year and the Liverpool ukulele band played Happy Birthday. Now that’s quality entertainment.

We took the kids down to have a look at the ‘big ship’. They were less excited than I was.

When we were finishing our tea we heard a noise that, as Peter described, sounded like somebody practising the tuba. It was the ship leaving port so I went to have a look.

I bet it’s next port isn’t nearly as exciting as Liverpool, it’s downhill from here for those passengers I’m afraid.

Anyway, I’m making progress with the running but I’m still very unfit. For the same 3.7 mile run these are my last five times:

29:31, 28:56, 27:30, 27:18 and today 27:12.

This is improvement but really I should comfortably be doing 26 min for this run. I hope this will come but it’s slow progress. 

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