The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!


I went to the gym as soon as I got home from work/picking the kids from school. My plan was to do 3 x 1000m (1% gradient) at 5km pace with 2 min rest. So I was dismayed to find that once I got to the gym, all the running machines were occupied. What to do?

I wandered round the gym to see if there was another bit of equipment that I could train on. This took about 30 seconds because the gym is very small. I didn’t fancy rowing or cycling and I am not co-ordinated enough for the stepper. In the end I decided that the best use of time was to do some stretching. I never stretch. There is good reason for my lack of stretching and that is my lack of stretchiness. 

It was an embarrassing experience made worse by the fact that I had some guy on the abdo squat equipment watching me between squats. I shouldn’t have started with the hamstring stretch. I should have learnt never to attempt to stretch my hamstrings in public. Most people can at least make some attempt to touch there toes. I can make a good attempt at touching my knees! I do not look like a proper athlete while doing this. I look like somebody who has never exercised in their life. I wanted to say to the guy on the abdo machine, “Just wait a few minutes and see how fast I run. I am a proper athlete, honest.”

I ended up running a bit faster than I wanted once I got on the treadmill because, as I merrily ramped up the speed for my warm up jog, I was alarmed to find myself going at a fair rate of knots or, as it turned out ‘miles per hour’ when I was expecting ‘kilometres per hour.’

Once I had sorted that out, I was able to get on with the session. I really am unfit. It wasn’t exactly fast at 16 kph but by the third one I thought I might faint at the half way mark. I didn’t, that would have been even more embarrassing than the stretching. 

It was also a bad idea to run before the church choir practice. Running and singing don’t go well together. You wouldn’t have seen Pavarotti out for a quick run before singing La Boheme. I doubt Pavarotti even considered going for a run – ever. So, trying to teach a top A was always going to be a struggle and I was as likely to reach that note as I was to reach my toes earlier. 

I do hope that my kids are a bit better at both stretching and singing than me.

At least Dominic and Naomi can still touch there toes and Dominic didn’t do too badly in the choir practice,

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