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Skimming stones

It’s a non running day today. This is partly due to lack of time and partly sheer laziness. My only worry is that it might go from a rest day to a rest weekend as it’s going to be a wee bit busy this weekend.

This morning they were talking on the radio about the fact that about half the population don’t do any exercise at all. The recommendation is to do two and a half hours a week, which can include, for example, a brisk 10 min walk or some vigorous exercise with your colleagues! I’m not entirely sure what they had in mind but I’m not sure that I want any vigorous exercise with my work colleagues!

In spite of not running, I’ve walked about 5km today so, in most people’s books that isn’t really a rest day at all.

We went down to the river this evening to try to skim stones. We didn’t really have time but we went anyway. And it had just started raining!

The beach nearest us didn’t have any stones on it so we picked our way through the rocks while Peter walked along the promenade to the next beach where we knew that there would be some stones.

By the time we got there we were really short of time so we picked up a few stones and ran down to the water’s edge. The tide was out and we found ourselves sinking in the muddy sand as we rushed down to the river.

We were not very good at skimming stones and we hadn’t picked up enough to really give it a good go. I think that in order to mark it off Dominic’s list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 we’re going to have to have a better attempt another time.

When I say we weren’t very good, what I mean is that Dominic’s stones simply sunk. At least mine bounced once before sinking.   

So now I just have to make some sort of penguin birthday cake for Naomi’s party tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do but I think I will just make a chocolate cake for starters and go from there. It’s probably a bit late to look if I can buy a penguin shaped cake tin on Amazon.

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