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Toastie toes

I used to regularly get a super juicing box from Abel and Cole but I gradually became overwhelmed by beetroot so recently I haven’t had a box. Juiced beetroot is extremely good for you and seemed to have a positive effect on my running and the regular intake of fruit juice also seemed to help to keep me healthy. But you can have too much beetroot – and it makes your wee go pink, which is a bit disconcerting.

However, it seems that I didn’t actually cancel the boxes, I just set them at eight weekly intervals for delivery. So it was a bit of a surprise when a box turned up on Monday.

There was, to my relief, no beetroot. This was replaced by cucumber, which Naomi loves. There were still an awful lot of carrots, apples and oranges and, of course, celery – does anybody actually like celery?

So, this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to have some fresh orange juice. I peeled a couple of oranges and put them in the juicer. I turned it on to see if was plugged in, which it was, and then realised to my horror that my kitchen top was getting covered in orange juice. Even when I turned off the juicer it still continued to pour out. I had completely failed to put the jug on the outlet of the juicer! How can I be so stupid?! 

Once I had cleaned everything up, I did get a nice glass of orange juice. Thank goodness it wasn’t beetroot that I was juicing.

I think that Naomi got a lot of penguin stuff for her birthday. The party was yesterday but she still has to wait for her actual birthday so she has saved most of the presents. She did, however, open the present from her best friend which was a pair of “do it yourself” penguins to make.

I made the blue one with her yesterday and Michelle set about making the black one with her this morning. They turned out pretty well although I suspect that the feet etc will fall off. While we were at church Michelle also made some mini penguins and fish out of the left over felt but I’m not sure what has happened to them – they were rather cute. These are the main penguins, Shemmy and Chem.


It was quite warm in the church. I think hat they forgot to turn off the heating – it is the middle of May after all. The heating vents are in the floor and, if you stand in that position in the pew then you get very hot feet. Naomi and Daniel decided to take their shoes and socks off and toast their toes.


As well as the excess oranges and carrots, I had loads of bananas which were on the over ripe side of ripe so this afternoon I have been busy making banana bread and carrot cake. I did notice that it seemed to be a bit quiet in the house so I went to investigate what mischief the kids were up to. Naomi and Dominic were watching youtube videos but I found that Daniel had fallen asleep on the floor!

Well at least he wasn’t drawing on the wall or covering everything in Sudocrem like Dominic might have done at that age.

I still have rather a lot of apples and now I also have a lot of cake.


The more observant might notice that I haven’t actually mentioned going for a run today. That’s because, between taking four services, Peter also had to do a home communion so I have rather been left holding the baby – or at least looking after the kids. I guess that if I had got up at 6am then I might have been able to get a run in but this is the weekend – who, apart from the vicar, gets up at 6am on a Sunday?

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