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Sorry Manchester

I probably owe Manchester a bit of an apology. I had to visit Manchester again today and, yes, it was raining – again. It always rains in Manchester and this was my chief complaint in a previous blog post. I didn’t really get a good picture of the pink cow from the train as we pulled into Oxford Road but you can see the rain clouds.

However, it was bright and sunny when we left Manchester – but I still failed to get a picture of the pink cow because the train seemed to take a slightly different route. You can however see that the sun is actually out.

Then, as we approached Liverpool, the sky darkened. I very nearly got soaking wet on my walk to the car as large spots of rain began to fall from the sky. It completely poured down with rain as I set off in my car on my way home. I had difficulty seeing through the windscreen as the rain and hail lashed down. So I feel a bit bad about moaning about the weather in Manchester because it was much worse in Liverpool.

I thought I would get really wet on my run. I didn’t even take the iPod with me because I thought it would get wet. But then the sun came out. It was beautiful.

If you count a successful run as a run where you don’t get drenched, then today was a successful run. However, by almost any other count, it wasn’t all that great. It could have been worse but it really wasn’t very quick and it is a bit frustrating when you are putting in a certain amount of effort and don’t actually seem to be moving forward very quickly. I’m not sure why it was so bad and I can’t really just blame the wind – although I’m inclined to. Perhaps this is my nadir before I start to see some real improvement. Or perhaps I’m just getting too old. (3.7 miles, 27:54).

It was an interesting day in Manchester. I had to listen to talks from clinical pharmaceutical scientists about the projects that they were doing as part of their placements. 

One of the other assessors was a chemist from Manchester Uni called Sally Freeman. Sally was at Aston when I was there and I briefly lived in her house. That must have been more than 20 years ago so it was funny to meet up again after all this time. She did however have sad news that Roger, who I worked for when I was an undergraduate had recently died from cancer and I wondered if it was related to all the chemicals that he must have handled over the years in his search for a cure to cancer. There would be some irony in that. He was a great guy and taught me a lot, especially about how to write a good lab book – a skill that has stood me in good stead. He also was pretty hot on being a tidy chemist and, when I would ask him what he wanted me to do next, he would invariably say “I think it’s time for a tidy up.”

It’s a bit odd that several old friends and acquaintances have died this year. Perhaps this is normal at a certain stage of your life but it’s also a bit sad. I suppose that I shall just have to get used to it.

When I got back, Peter had already fed the kids and he went to pick up Daniel from the nursery. They do feed the kids at the nursery but that doesn’t seem to stop Daniel from wanting more food when he gets home. Since we hadn’t put any curry aside for him, he decided to eat mine without the benefit of using cutlery! He thought it was very funny. I was less amused as his face got more and more orange.


Now the kids are watching the second Harry Potter film. I would have watched it too but we were having a spot of bother with the Internet connection so I’ve given up after we watched the same clip six times and the film failed to move forwards past that point. It seems to have moved on a bit now but I’m amusing Daniel by popping the packaging from a parcel that arrived today instead. These are the exciting things that you get to do when you have kids – and they eat your curry.

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