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Tourists in Liverpool for the day

Things have been a little hectic these last few weeks and I have hardly seen Peter, let alone spent any time with him. So, I decided to take the day off so that we could spend the day together. 

First things first though, I still had to get in my run. So, while Peter took the kids to school, I went for a run.

I’ve been meaning to go to Birkenhead Park for ages. At first I had no idea where it was so that’s why I didn’t go there but I have now worked out how to get there. 

Birkenhead is the site of one of my most successful races ever. In 1985, I came 10th in the National Cross Country Championships. I was still a junior at the time but the senior race had Zola Budd in it and there were lots of anti-apartheid protesters about. They managed to get onto the course and push her off. I didn’t agree with the way that her passport had been fast tracked through but I loved watching her run, she was amazing.

Anyway, when I got to Birkenhead Park, I didn’t recognise it. I’m sure that there must have been a hill in the race. No self-respecting cross-country course would have no hill.

There was a good reason that I didn’t recognise the course. Although the race is recorded as being in Birkenhead, it was actually at Arrowe Park, some miles away. I’ll have to go in the car to get there. Anyway, today was a good run (i.e I didn’t get wet) but it was still all rather slow. It was a good route though and rather satisfyingly came to pretty much exactly 10km. (50 min 53 sec).

Once I got home, we decided to get the ferry across to Liverpool. That’s when it started to rain. 

I’m not sure that it’s a good idea for somebody who gets as travel sick as I do to take the ferry when the water is as choppy as it was today. I wondered if we’d actually be able to get on because the ferry was bouncing up and down so much.

It looks like the view from some disaster movie like Waterworld.

Luckily, Liverpool wasn’t under water and, in fact, the weather cheered up a bit. We had a look round the museum of Liverpool to see if it was somewhere that the kids might like to go.

 The conclusion was that we didn’t think that they would be all that impressed. It felt quite nice in the museum but it wasn’t all that interesting. Maybe it is more interesting for somebody from the city. I think that my perception of the museum might have been marred by the fact that I still felt really sick from our trip across the Mersey.
Lunch, however, at House on Bold Street is worth a recommendation. We just had the full English Breakfast and the lack of black pudding today was more than made up for by an extra sausage (already eaten by the time I thought to take a photo).

After lunch we went up to the Anglican cathedral. I went to the Metropolitan cathedral with Michelle on Saturday so I was interested to see how they compared.

One thing you can definitely say is that it is big. Peter said it looked like a normal church that had just been blown up to a bigger size.

There were a few interesting things, like the Lego model of the cathedral but, other than that, I thought it just felt a bit cavernous.

It is definitely worth a visit but, of the two, I preferred the Catholic to the Anglican cathedral.

There are lots of ducks in Liverpool all of a sudden. They aren’t real ducks but look something like this.

Dominic says that Mrs Lloyd (her husband teaches maths in the school) painted the one that has the Mersey ferry theme but we didn’t find that one. We weren’t really looking for them but you couldn’t really avoid them. For a bit of balance I also took a photo of the Liverpool one. 

We picked up the kids from school and took the ferry home. The mapping function on the iPod reckons that the ferry terminal is in the middle of St. John’s shopping centre but, once we worked out that it wasn’t taking us anywhere near the waterfront, we ignored it and followed our sixth sense (and the signposts) and found Pier Head without too much trouble. We sat outside on the ferry on the way back though, which was a lot better.

My iPod tells me that in total, I have run or walked 16 miles today! No wonder my feet are tired. 

4 comments on “Tourists in Liverpool for the day

  1. poguesfan4ever
    May 20, 2015

    Did you notice that those ducks make quacking noises? We thought we were hearing things at first.


  2. runmaggiecooper
    May 20, 2015

    I didn’t notice them quacking. Are you sure you’re not having me on?!


  3. poguesfan4ever
    May 20, 2015

    No both myself and my fiance definitely heard it.


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