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Sefton Park

I picked up a copy of The Metro at the station this morning on my way to Manchester. I rather liked the outer page advert which showed babies dressed in the new Everton kit. Very cute – well it is if you are an Everton fan.


Inside the paper, I was somewhat frustrated by an article about a Christian bakery which refused to make a cake with a pro-gay slogan on it. The bakery just lost the court case against discrimination. 

As a Christian with several gay friends (my best friend from my school days is married to another woman) I still felt that the bakery had no choice – they could either do what they felt was right in God’s eyes or do what was right in the eyes of the law – which amounts to no choice. The people putting in the order though, had a choice of any bakery and could have chosen not to take the matter any further.

I find that there is an increasing lack of tolerance to Christian belief and value systems in today’s society and I’m beginning to feel like part of the group that is discriminated against.

Anyway, for the third time in two weeks, I had to go to Manchester and, guess what, it was raining! 
At least my meeting finished early so I didn’t have to wait for an hour on Eccles station platform like last time. It is rather bleak as you either have the choice of standing under shelter or sitting in the rain – or I suppose standing in the rain.


It’s Wednesday and I actually remembered to take my running kit to work with me so that I could take the kids to the kids club at the church and then go for a run while I waited for them.

When we lived in Liverpool before Christmas, I used to run around Sefton Park quite a lot. It was about a mile from the church where the kids club was and, even with my inability to translate what is written on map into real life, it wasn’t too difficult to find. It was nice to be on a familiar and enjoyable route. Also, the sun was shining (although I have to report that it was still rather windy). Although the first and last miles were a little slow (8 min per mile but I had to cross quite a few roads) all the middle miles were close to 7:30 pace, which is approaching something half respectable.

I went slightly the wrong way on the way back so the total distance was a little over 10km but I think if I just went to the park and ran round twice then came back the same way then it would be exactly 10km. So I will try to do that next time.

I’m pleased to have got in two fairly good distance runs in two days and I hope that I will have time to do something faster on the treadmill tomorrow. 


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