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Treadmill troubles

I went to the gym after work today and, to my horror, all the treadmills were occupied (mainly by people walking slowly – why can’t they go outside? There’s a perfectly good promenade if you want a stroll). My horror was due to the fact that I would have to do something instead of running and that something meant stretching! In public!! Again!!!

Since vowing to never stretch in public again last week, I have actually done a little stretching in private so I was fairly confident that I wouldn’t make a complete fool of myself this time. However, it still seemed rather a long way to my toes.

Two of the treadmills were being repaired but the workman said that they would only be five minutes. So, when they finished I got on one of them. All was fine to begin with and I jogged for 1km as a warm up. Then I did my normal strides increasing the pace to sprinting speed to mimic doing strides on the track. This involves ramping it up to 17 or 18 kph for 100m then back to walking/jogging pace for 100m. That was fine too although I realised that I wouldn’t be able to run as fast as I would have liked as it felt a bit quick.

The session was 10 x 1 min at 16 kph on a 1% gradient with 1 min rest. The rest pace was meant to be 10 kph but the problem with slowing the treadmill down is that sometimes it decides that it doesn’t want to slow down to the pace you want but slows to 3.2 kph. Who trains at 3.2 kph? I mean, it’s hardly even walking.

Well, if you realise that it’s going to slow down like that then you can speed it back up again before it gets down to below walking pace. So I tried to speed it back up again but it refused to go above 9.6 kph. It would slow down but refused to speed up again. My minute rest was up and I couldn’t run above 9.6 kph! 

I got off the treadmill that I was on and moved  over to the next one for my second rep. The second and third rep went fine and then the stupid treadmill refused to go above 9.6 kph again!

I couldn’t believe it. I ended up with about 2 min rest on the first and third reps as I had to, once again, move over to the next treadmill.

Third time lucky and all was well. Session completed. I would have liked to have run a bit quicker but I was fairly pleased with how it went all in all and hopefully I can run a bit quicker next time. 

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