The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!


When I was at university, I used to run with the head of the Pharmacy Department, Prof Malcolm Stevens. He had been a half decent runner having completed a sub 3 hour marathon before I started my degree. However, by the time I joined the university his age was beginning to tell and he had slowed a little but he was still pretty fit and he was an excellent running partner. We often used to run along the canals of Birmingham together.

By the time I went back to study for my PhD, I had got a little quicker and he had got a little slower. Nevertheless, we would still sometimes run together. Malcolm was also a keen bird watcher so, if we were running together and he was getting tired because I was going a little too quick, he’d say “let’s stop, I think I saw ‘such and such’ (bird).” So we’d stop for a bit and look at the birds then we’d continue in our way and I would try not to run too fast.

Well today, I was like Malcolm. My legs were tired, I was tired and, even though I was going slowly, I was still going too fast. And there were some interesting birds down on the waterfront. So, I decided to have a little stop – just to look at the birds you understand, not because I needed a rest or anything!

I think that they were some kind of sandpipers but I’m not entirely sure. Malcolm would have known but I am absolutely rubbish with birds.

Anyway, the run/jog was awfully slow 8:43 per mile for 3.7 miles but at least it got my legs moving.

On the way back, the cruise ship that was docked on the Liverpool side blew it’s horn and departed. 


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