The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm

Today it was Naomi’s birthday so we started the day with pancakes, which she likes, and I also made some rather nice apple, carrot and ginger juice – I even remembered to put the collection jug under the outlet.

After that, it was time to open the presents and Naomi had lined up all her toys to watch the grand present opening session. She had quite a few presents because she hadn’t opened the ones from her party last week.  


She seemed to like the presents but she’s pretty easy to please. Even a toy made out of a toilet roll inner by Dominic is enough to make her happy!

Or even just the bag that the presents came in.


The minion space hopper we gave her was also a success.

After the present opening session, I managed to squeeze in a run along the promenade. I think I must have impossibly small ears or something because I had immense problems with my headphones, which kept falling out. I’ve thought about getting some of those that clip behind the ears but I’m not sure if they will work with glasses and they are quite expensive if they don’t. 

Anyway the ‘Another Mother Runnner’ podcast suitably entertained me and I didn’t run too badly (3.7 mile @ 7:27 per mile).

We decided to go to Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm in the afternoon because Naomi was keen to go out. It isn’t very far from our home so was easy to get to (in spite of us driving past the entrance three times!)

They don’t have all that many animals but it is still really nice there. There were sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens but I didn’t see any larger animals like cows or horses.

We were tempted to buy a live duck – only £5 but I pointed out that it would probably eat all the grass seed on the newly seeded lawn (well mud patch come lawn). Peter really wants a pig but that isn’t going to happen! He’s particularly keen on a kune kune.

The cafe was great and the kids enjoyed their “moo shakes”. It wasn’t too expensive and it looked like the lunch menu was quite nice with paninis and things like that. They also had a little shop selling some small toys.

They kids also had fun milking the cow…..

And driving the tractor…..


After we’d seen all the animals we went in search of Bidston windmill. This should have been fairly straightforward but our ineptitude at finding places showed up once again as we arrived back where we started not having seen sight or sound of the windmill.

We consulted the map in the car park again and, not to be defeated, set off in the right general direction – again. Having made our way through the woods we caught sight of the windmill, which was in fact very easy to find.

The windmill has been there since about 1800 and it seems that once a month you can go inside to have a look round so we might try to do that another time.

The area around the windmill and the woods looks like it might be quite good for a run so I might investigate it as it would be a nice change from running up and down the prom (with the accompanying wind).

Once we got home I seemed to spend the rest of the day hoovering, mopping, tidying, washing etc etc. It seems that nobody else in our family is capable of tidying up – a skill that Dominic might quickly acquire once he finds out that I threw away anything on his bedroom floor that even looked like it might be rubbish!

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