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Queen Mary 2

I heard it before I saw it, a long deep rasping horn in the distance. It wasn’t surprising that I couldn’t see the Queen Mary 2 as it was pouring with rain. I couldn’t even see across the Mersey to Liverpool.

The Queen Mary 2 is the first of the three Queens that will arrive in Liverpool this bank holiday weekend. If the number of people standing with umbrellas along the promenade early this Sunday morning is anything to go by, the three Queens festival is going to be a great success.

I had decided that I would get up early this morning to see this first ship, the Queen Mary 2, arrive. I wouldn’t normally be up and out of the door by 7am on a Sunday but I really didn’t want to miss seeing her.

I have to say that my aversion to running in the rain nearly saw me stay inside but instead I grabbed my rain coat and set off. I was half way to New Brighton before I heard the horn and nearly at my turn around point before I caught sight of her through the mist. By then I had discovered that my waterproof coat isn’t really all that waterproof and my trousers aren’t waterproof at all! They were sticking to my legs and impeding my stride – not that I was actually running all that fast anyway but I’m just saying that maybe I would have been super speedy had it not been for the trousers! 

I heard somebody say that the weather was clearing up. I was far from convinced. However, my vision was hampered by rain on my glasses and the lenses fogging up so it might not have been as bad as I thought it was. 


Although I wasn’t running all that fast (3.7 miles @ 8 min 33 sec per mile) I was still going faster than the QM2. I finished the run then went back down onto the beach to see her coming into Liverpool. It was a magnificent site. Several other boats including the Mersey ferry welcomed her home.

I tried to ring home to get Peter to bring the kids down. He was asleep! Eventually the kids turned up but I wasn’t sure that they were that impressed. At least Dominic was enthusiastic enough to take some photos but the Queen Mary had gone past the ferry terminal by then and you didn’t grasp quite how big she was from a distance. We walked/jogged to get a closer view but I was cold and wet and didn’t want to stand around too much longer so we didn’t wait to see her turn around and dock in Liverpool.

Anyway, as for the running, it has to be scored as an unsuccessful run because I got absolutely drenched and it wasn’t very quick but in every other way it was a success. I just hope that the weather cheers up a bit. 

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