The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Bank Holiday Monday

Mainly it’s been about eating. I would have preferred it to be about sleeping but eating is good too. Sleep was in short supply due to a) having a 3 year old waking up at 3am and b) having the sun coming rushing through the window in the early hours. I blamed Peter for waking me up but he claims that I was the one who woke him up! He’s probably right or it was the sun that woke both of us up.

Anyway, we had a relaxing morning playing in the garden (kids) and learning Chinese (me). I would have preferred it to be the other way round but the kids aren’t keen on learning Chinese. Today I learnt a very useful sentence construction “either/or” but I was slightly dubious about the context in which it was demonstrated in the Chinesepod podcast as in “your money or your life”! Useful if you want to play the part of Dick Turpin or perform a highway robbery but otherwise fairly redundant.


These are my three little ones. Their expressions quite well demonstrate their respective personalities

We went to Peter’s brother’s house for lunch. You can always guarantee good food chez Cooper. We were not disappointed.

Today was always scheduled as a rest day from running, which is a good job because I could never have run after eating all that lasagne. At least we went for a walk with the dog.


It seemed like we went for miles but it was only about two miles in the end. I guess when you are stopping every few feet to pick dandelions then it’s just going to take longer. Luckily we didn’t have Peter’s dad with us because he’s scared of cows. We negotiated our way through the field unscathed.

As it’s Monday night it’s movie night so that now finds us watching The Pink Panther with Peter Sellers. Nothing like a good old film to finish off a good Bank Holiday Monday.

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