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Pooh Sticks

We went on an ‘expotition’ to play pooh sticks. It wasn’t far but on the way there we still managed to miss the turning – twice. I blame the map reader. Unfortunately I was reading the map.

Having successfully arrived at Chuck Hatch car park we made our way through the gate by the disabled parking bays along the well signposted path towards Pooh Bridge.

We managed to find a few sticks along the way…

  …..and selected the ones we would use for the real competition – the rest would just be for test runs.

  There were a few interesting things along the route…

 …and we took note to stay on the right path

…and of course stopped for a bit to eat fruit pastilles.

  Suitably refreshed, we headed onwards in search of the famous bridge and, with handfuls of sticks, we finally arrived.

 All was ready for the competition. Positioning is everything and you have to take into account the flow of the river, obstacles in the way as well as the choice of stick. It isn’t child’s play you know.

‘Ready-steady-go’ and we launched our sticks before hurrying over to the other side of the bridge to see them emerge. The suspense as we stood peering over the edge of the bridge then the excitement as the first stick appeared. It was mine! I won! I won! (Not that I’m ultra competitive or anything).

After we’d all thrown all our sticks, Daniel went off into the woods to search for more while Dominic took the less conventional approach of going down to the river to fish out ones that had previously been thrown.

 On the walk back we took more time to admire our surroundings and less time trying to pick up sticks. There were some beautiful bluebells.

Good fun was had by all.

Less fun was had on my early morning run. In the end I only ran 2.6 mile (8min 2 sec per mile). The first bit, when my hamstrings were tight (I really ought to have stretched before leaving home) was downhill but I couldn’t really run too fast due to the aforementioned hamstrings. Then, once I’d warmed up a bit it was all uphill. The nice section through the woods was marred by having to pass too many dogs and it was difficult to predict whether they would chase me or ignore me. I simply couldn’t bring myself to go round the same loop a second time for another doggy encounter so I went home.

I had decided that it would be a good idea to combine my early morning run with learning Chinese but it was a particularly tedious lesson about workers rights in factories. The only thing I remember is the word for factory! There was another lesson but I can’t even remember what it was about so I’m not entirely sure that it will be possible to successfully combine these two activities. Perhaps I just need a lesson saying “Jia you” or, in English “come on” to inspire me.

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