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Dressing up and getting wet

I didn’t want to run first thing this morning. I don’t like running in the mornings – my legs don’t seem to work properly in the early hours. However, perhaps today I should have run first thing.

It was bright and sunny as the kids showed us the play they had made up using some of the costumes that Peter’s brother had given us (hand me downs from his kids who have grown out of dressing up, or at least grown too much to fit in the costumes). Naomi was the witch and Dominic the knight as they battled it out on the lawn.

Naomi managed to thwart the knight by casting a spell which threw him into the air. However, in the second play Dominic was the wizard (wearing the Harry Potter cape) and Naomi was an archer. 

Naomi didn’t stand a chance and was soon defeated as her arrows were deflected away from the wizard as he waved his magic wand (well his magic pencil).

We went to the Red Rum caffe in Lingfield for a mid morning snack. I’m not sure why it has two ‘f’s but I imagine it is because it is run by Italians. They have a model train that runs around the cafe if you put £1 in the slot – a nice little earner I should imagine but also quite fun.

Daniel was suitably impressed and it calmed him down as he was in a particularly annoying mood – it was a ‘nothing is right’ kind of mood. I ate too much of Naomi’s chocolate cake and the crusts of Dominic’s cheese on toast (such are the tasks assigned to a mother) and the kids ate most of my chocolate chip shortbread.

After we got home, all the others had lunch but I wasn’t that hungry and I needed to get a run in. Cue wind and rain. It really was pretty horrid by the time I got out. I decided that my best bet was to go through the woods and I had planned to go up through Lingfield but, when I came out from the cover of the trees I found that it was pouring with rain and I didn’t fancy getting any wetter than I already was.

Going back was uphill, but at least I had some kind of cover from the elements. It wasn’t too bad considering but I would have liked to run further than 3 miles (7:47 per mile).

We did a bit more dressing up….


 …..and then the sun came out again. Typical. 

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