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Mpow swift headphones

Most of the day was spent in the car and then I had to sort out all the kids’ stuff when we got back so my legs were a bit lack lustre for my run this afternoon. It was good to be on familiar territory again though, even with the wind.

I used my new wireless mpow swift headphones on my run along the promenade. They are a big improvement on my regular headphones. The main benefit is that they stay in my ears! They have these little wing things that fit under the cartlidge of the outer ear rather than hooking over the outside of the ear, meaning that I can still wear my glasses, listen to podcasts or music and run at the same time. They were really easy to set up and I had no trouble connecting them to the iPhone. I’m no officionado of sound quality but they sound good to me and I think that the quality is excellent for the price as they are a lot cheaper than some other brands.

The only downside so far is that it’s a bit like when you put your fingers in your ears and you can kind of hear everything inside your own head. I’m not sure if that is to do with the headphones or my ears. Also they didn’t seem to make me any more swift. What’s the point in having swift headphones if they don’t make you run faster?!

It wasn’t my best run ever but it was pretty solid. I used to start and finish my run at the bottom of the slope that goes down to the promenade but I figured that it was probably good for me to go up the hill at the end of my run and not much effort to go down it at the start (although it is a bit on the steep side). So now I start and finish at the top of the hill and this is the view I get on my way down.

Anyway, the time was pretty consistent with recent runs so, with stiff legs, I thought that wasn’t too bad. 7:30 per mile for 3.7 miles. Hopefully I can get back into some sort of routine next week with a bit of speed work thrown in and maybe even see some improvement – you never know.

One comment on “Mpow swift headphones

  1. notmuchofarunner
    May 30, 2015

    I’ve been bought these recently (a two month late birthday present from my bro’). I agree with everything you said.
    Stay in. Freedom to run. Easy to set up.
    But definitely a bit of that ‘water in ears after swimming’ sensation where you can hear/feel each footstep in your ear. Extra care needed when crossing roads or in busy places.
    Still good though. I like them.

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