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Sefton Park while I wait

We’ve gone from winter to summer in two days. How am I expected to know what to wear for my run? 

As it’s Wednesday, I had to take the kids to the club at the church after school so I had planned to go running while I waited for them. There really isn’t much point in going home then coming back to pick them up. All that would mean is that I’m driving around for an hour and a quarter. So, running it was.

However, all this running business requires some sort of organisation because, when I leave home at the crack of dawn (well now that it’s June it isn’t actually the crack of dawn anymore but it is 6:30 am) I have to have my running kit with me. In order to avoid actually having to get up at the crack of dawn to get my stuff ready, I usually throw my kit into a bag the day before. That’s all very well, except when you have no idea if you’ll need hat and gloves or shorts and T-shirt.

My nearly perfect solution to this was to pack my three quarter length leggings, a T-shirt, a long sleeve T-shirt and my Buff thing that can be a hat, scarf, headband, tea cosy, short skirt etc. That way I reckoned I had pretty much any weather covered. Even so, I was still pretty hot with this sudden summer weather.

I did the same run as last time (a couple of weeks ago) running to Sefton Park then twice round and back to my car. It was 6.38 miles in total and I did some pretty good miles (at least when I was running downhill with the wind behind me). I slowed a bit in the last couple of miles but they were a bit uphill with the wind in my face and having to cross roads but even so, I did begin to struggle a bit towards the end. The end result was 7:15 per mile and more than two and a half minutes quicker than last time! Hooray for the sunshine.

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