The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Tired running

I nearly didn’t run today. It’s been a tiring week and I seriously considered just calling it a day and relaxing. However, it won’t be easy to run over the weekend. Daniel, my youngest, has to go for his operation to fit grommets in his ears do that he will be able to hear better. That will be tomorrow so either I will have to look after him at the hospital or look after the other two. Then on Sunday I don’t know how he’ll be but Sundays are always busy with or without a child recovering from anaesthetic.

Daniel came back from nursery very excited because the staff had made him a card wishing him well for the op. He was very happy with it and kept kissing it. You can see it by him in the picture but by the time I took the photo he was more interested in the cars than the card.

Well, I decided that I might be able to manage a short run. I went along the river to New Brighton and soon began to wonder if that was a good idea with the wind in my face making it feel very hard work indeed. I stopped to take a photo at the two miles mark.

After that I suddenly felt inspired (probably the wind on my back) and decided to run fast all the way home. It was about 7 min per mile coming home with 7:22 per mile average over 3.7 miles. Even with the wind, that was a fairly decent pace.

I still feel tired but I’m glad I went for a run. I’ve done 24 miles this week, which is OK, but I’m going to have to fit in more miles if I’m going to get enough stamina for racing.

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