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Shoe shopping

Daniel had to go to Alder Hey Hospital today to get grommets put in his ears. In the end, we decided it would be best if Peter went with him while I looked after the other two kids.

So, after dropping Peter and Daniel at the hospital, the rest of us went  into town to buy shoes. Naomi has been complaining that her feet are squashed in her school shoes and that her trainers are rubbing on the back of her heels. I’m not surprised because her shoes are size 11 but her feet measured as size 13!! Dominic also needed some new trainers so we went shoe shopping.

Shopping for shoes must be amongst the most tedious activities possible. Firstly you have to decide which shoes you (or in this case your child) might like. Then you have to wait an age while the assistant gets them. Then you have to try them on. It’s at that point that you realise that they actually look hideous, or that they look great but they are really uncomfortable. This is made more difficult when your child is somewhat unresponsive and won’t tell you what they think. Then, finding that the shoes are no good, you have to make another choice but this time the shoes you are choosing aren’t your favourite ones but your second choice. Your feelings towards them are already slightly negative because they aren’t your first choice and you’ve had to wait again for the assistant to sort through the millions of shoe boxes to find the size and style that you have requested. And so it goes on, with each shoe choice having an increasingly negative reaction until you end up with the worst looking shoe that you can tolerate being seen in but which is actually comfortable enough to wear. 

I understand that some people like shopping for shoes.

Anyway, we ended up with these. I think they are pretty cool and I might even be able to persuade the kids to come running with me wearing them.

On route to buying the shoes, the kids got their faces painted (for free!) as you go. This is Dominic as Pikachu.


Meanwhile, at the hospital, Daniel was doing great. Everything seemed to go well and they drained some fluid from his ears. We’ll find out in time whether it was successful in terms of improving his hearing and speech but he seems to have quite enjoyed the experience. He said “the doctor was in my ears.”

He did manage to fall off the bed though at some point and seems more concerned about his bashed knee than his ears!

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