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Another shoe day

Daniel wasn’t with us when we went shoe shopping yesterday. His shoes got too small for him some several weeks ago and we were going to get some new ones for him but we found that we had a pair of trainers that both the other two kids had worn for short periods of time when small. They had been passed down to us so that means that at least 3 other children had worn them, Daniel really liked them though so we never actually got round to getting him any new shoes. The trainers are already looking a bit tired so I wanted to get Daniel some summer shoes but I wondered if Dominic’s old crocs would fit him rather than buy him some new ones as I’m really a bit of a cheapskate at heart.

Daniel loved the crocs but unfortunately they are a bit big for him so he was shuffling around in them at church today and every time I picked him up they fell off. Once Daniel realised this, he wanted me to pick him up so that his crocs would fall off and then get me to put them back on him only to insist that I picked him up again so he could kick them off so that I would put them back on and…. you get the idea. It was very annoying but he would cry loudly if I refused, which is highly embarrassing in the middle of the church. It’s tough being a parent. I distracted him instead.

I haven’t been to a proper supermarket for absolutely ages as I usually get my groceries delivered. However, I thought we should see what the local Tesco was like as it isn’t far away and I wanted to see if I could get some basic stuff cheaper there. Anyway, what could be more exciting than a family trip to the supermarket on a Sunday afternoon. 

I quite like looking round the supermarket if I’m not in a hurry or having to keep an eye on small children while packing groceries. Once, when Dominic was about 2, he decided to make a run for it while I was packing my groceries in Tesco. I can assure you, it is extremely difficult to find a toddler hiding in a large supermarket and it took me ages to find him. I’m sure that he was highly amused – I wasn’t. 

The local Tesco was massive, it even had an upstairs bit. Having looked around the main area, we went upstairs where they had clothes, toys and electrical items. We found a great pair of Lightening McQueen crocs which Daniel loved and which fitted him! So no more shuffling around and no more having to pick him up and put him down etc.

In hindsight it might have been mistake to go to the upstairs section as the kids all found toys they wanted. I’ve decided to adopt the policy of making them pay for their own stuff in this type of situation using  Birthday/Christmas money which I reclaim from them once we get home.


Daniel wanted a Mater toy car but I didn’t think that he actually had any money. However, the other kids told me that he had a money box under his bed. So, being a mean spirited parent, when we got back, I raided it to reclaim my money. Succes. 

My brother made an unexpected visit this afternoon. If I had actually looked at my text messages on my phone this morning then it wouldn’t have been such a surprise. Anyway, it was very nice to see him – one of the advantages of living a bit closer to North Wales.

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