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Grubby water 

I felt really tired today. As I got into the car I turned on the radio just as they were saying “Doing exercise makes you feel less tired.” “Forget that!” Even though the weather was really nice, I was just too tired to get my running kit on and get out there.

Instead we all went out for a bit of a walk as a family along the river. When we got down to the river, it looked really weird, like something had been spilt in it.


As we walked along the promenade, we had the usual fight over the scooter and whose scooter it is. The truth is that it doesn’t belong to either of them because somebody left it in the church and when nobody reclaimed it after several months, we adopted it but mainly Dominic used it. Now he has grown somewhat so it is more Naomi’s size. However, Dominic still insists that it is his, even though the middle sags under his weight!

Meanwhile, Naomi can’t really scoot and hold her toy penguin, Pingu, so I ended up having to hold the penguin then give it back to her when Dominic went off with the scooter. Such is family life.

The seagulls were swooping down quite low over the river as we walked home. They were struggling a bit with the wind, I knew how they felt.


It’s a bit strange seeing them so close and almost at head height with the promenade being that much higher than the river.

Anyway, I emailed my old running coach from London and he has given me some interesting sessions so hopefully I will be back on it tomorrow.

2 comments on “Grubby water 

  1. The Tipsy Runner
    June 8, 2015

    Great scenery! I have nominated you for a blogger award! Check out my latest post!


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