The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Late running

I have the alarm on my watch set to 3:15. This is the time that I must pack my bag, put on my coat (unless it’s actually sunny like it was today) and get out of the door to be sure of getting to the school on time to pick up the kids.

The last two weeks it has been particularly important that I wasn’t late because I’ve had to go to Dominic’s classroom to pick him up to ensure that he has all the books he needs for his homework as he kept forgetting things and this seemed the best way to train him to bring everything home. Anyway, it means that I have to be on time as it isn’t just the kids waiting for me in the playground but the teacher waiting in the classroom. 

Wednesday’s are made more difficult because I want to go running after I’ve dropped the kids at the after school club so I have to get changed before I leave. At 3:13 this afternoon, I remembered that I had to get changed so I picked everything up and headed for the door just as my senior technician uttered those fateful words “have you got a minute.”

It did only take a minute or two but by then my watch alarm was going off and I still wasn’t changed. I got changed but then I had to go back to my office to turn off my computer and the clock was ticking. Then I didn’t know if I had my water bottle or not so I had to unpack my bag, find it at the bottom and repack the bag.

By the time I actually got out of the hospital it was nearly 25 past so there was nothing for it, I had to run to the school. At least I was appropriately dressed for running. Unfortunately, I felt like those guys in the second half of the Edinburgh marathon the other week – the wind was right in my face all the way to the school. I didn’t actually get there on time but I was acceptably late. 

Anyway, at least I got my run in (not to the school – that doesn’t count) as I was able to go round Sefton Park while the kids were at the after school club.

Knowing it was windy and having not brought a hair band with me, I decided to make use of the Buff. All was well for about 2 miles but I must have a very oddly shaped head because whether it’s head bands or hats or anything that might go on the head, I always have trouble with them falling off. I did contemplate wearing it John McEnroe style but I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot!

In the end I had to wear it on my wrist but the wind didn’t seem too bad round the park so I didn’t really need it in the first place.

My poor legs were a bit tired and I think I was a bit dehydrated. The weather was beautiful though and it was lovely running under the shade of the trees around the park. I didn’t run nearly as well as last week but it was OK and in terms of the pace it was a kind of pyramid with the beginning and end the slowest and the middle at quite a reasonable speed.

So that’s nearly 14 miles run in the last two days and although they haven’t been that quick, they also haven’t been too slow. I think today’s average pace was 7:35 per mile. So I’m happy with that.

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