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Sunny day out in Manchester

It was actually sunny in Manchester today! (See previous blog posts and you will find that it almost always rains when I go to Manchester). I even took my coat with me in case it rained because, although it was brilliant sunshine in Liverpool, I didn’t trust that it wouldn’t cloud over by the time we got to Manchester. We had to go to the hospital there to look at an isolator for our new hospital. Something like this one.

Although the whole trip was a bit stupid because we have an isolator almost exactly the same as this in our current hospital, it still turned out to be a useful visit. Anyway, we are meant to go and look at all the different options for bits of equipment that we will need and it is good to see other facilities.

I was a bit worried that we weren’t going to get back in time to pick up the kids and I didn’t want to have to run from the station to the school (uphill the whole way). The guys that I was with wanted to take a taxi from the hospital to the station whereas I would always have walked. There were no taxis. We rang for one from the taxi phone in the hospital but, when we went back outside there was a black cab so we jumped in that instead. Good job too because we made it to the station with just 3 min to spare, if we’d missed that train then I really would have had trouble. I hope the taxi that we rang for was able to find somebody called ‘Steve’ to give a lift to.

Anyway, it was still sunny when I got home so I ran along the river. I really wanted to do some speed work but a) I’m really tired and b) I managed to tweak my hamstring trying to prevent Daniel from falling down as he lurched to one side when I was trying to put him down. I’m sure proper athletes don’t get these sort of injuries.


Liverpool from the 3 mile point on my tun

I was pretty slow today but I can’t really blame the hamstring. I’m just a bit too tired to run well. Tomorrow is another day and we’ll see how it goes.
By the way, did I mention that my toenail fell off!

This is a picture that Daniel drew of our family. Notice how beautiful I look!


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