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Delamere Forest

We were going to go to Delamere Forest today but the weather forecast was terrible. The sunny weather has broken and heavy rain and thunderstorms were due along with a 10 degree drop in the temperature. So we made other plans. Dominic and Peter wanted to make YouTube videos and I wanted to go running (even if it meant getting wet) and I also wanted to do some cooking. So, that’s what we did.

Peter and I previously made a video in which he tested some juices that I had made with my juicer – mainly beetroot juice with other things added if I remember correctly. Anyway, he wanted to follow this up with a taste test of some smoothies.

So I made three smoothies for him to guess the ingredients. Apart from him flicking me with juice from the purple one, it was quite fun and the children tested them too. Before I knew it they’re drunk the lot! Big success.

The smoothies are pretty easy to make from frozen berries or other fruit and apple or orange juice and I have a great little mixer that I got to purée food when Dominic was being weaned and it is ideal for smoothies.

After that I went for my run. I did nearly 7.5 miles along the river. I have been using the Nike app to track my runs recently. I like the fact that it tells you your pace every mile so you know how you are going. There is also an encouraging little message from one of the Nike athletes when you finish. I just wanted to run fairly easy this morning so I was pleased with an average pace of 7:46 without putting in too much effort.

As I was coming back, I thought that they were putting some of those Anthony Gorman figures in the river like they have at Crosby.

It turned out that it was just a guy in a wetsuit. 

As I ran along, I listened to the end of the MarathonTalk podcast about the Comrades marathon in South Africa. It isn’t actually a traditional marathon (26.2 miles) distance but more like two marathons back to back up and down loads of hills. I felt tired enough after just a few miles and couldn’t even contemplate running that sort of distance but it sounds like the most amazing experience.

After that I listened to the beginning of the next podcast which was talking about the recent Panorama TV documentary about doping in athletics, particularly putting a spotlight on Mo Farah’s coach Alberto Salazar. It is claimed that he has been involved in using banned substances with the American athlete Galen Rupp. Just as I was finishing my run, the MarathonTalk guys were discussing Galen Rupp and then, in a somewhat surreal moment, Galen Rupp’s voice came through my headphones encouraging me for completing my run! It was very odd.

When I got back home, the rest of the family were playing football in the back garden on our beautiful lawn.

I noted that in spite of the weather forecast, it wasn’t actually raining and it was also quite warm. So we decided to eat our lunch and go to the forest after all.

We’ve never been to Delamere forest before so had no idea where we were going. The sat nav took us mostly in the right direction but not actually to the visitor centre but we found a car park with an ice cream van so stopped there.

The forest was really nice and we even found our way to the visitor centre despite not having a map. We just vaguely walked in what we thought was the right direction.

It didn’t actually rain until we were getting back in the car and even then it didn’t rain much so I’m guessing that it must have been absolutely pouring with rain somewhere else – probably in Manchester!

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