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Why is our church so boring?

As we walked to church this morning, we were discussing why the church service at our church is so boring and how it could be made more interesting. 

Naomi suggested serving hot dogs. Although this is an extraordinarily good suggestion, I’m not sure that it is something that is likely to be implemented soon. I asked whether we should sing happier songs but Dominic said that we already sing some happy song but they are just sung in an unhappy way. He has a point. 

Somehow, the congregation seem to have missed how exciting it is to be a Christian. They are like people in a long and rather lack lustre marriage rather than people who have just fallen in love. Over the coming months and perhaps years, I hope that Peter can instill into them the joy of being a Christian and hopefully that will overflow into our community and make a real difference.

I didn’t run today. Sunday’s mainly entail looking after kids. I took them to the soft play. I also took the paper. This turned out to be a good move as, after an initial half hour where I kept getting dragged into the play area to help Daniel, he eventually settled down and did his own thing and I was left in peace.

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