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Insect Day

The kids have got two days off school because the school has INSET days. These are days when the teachers get training. Naomi said that the first time she heard “inset” days mentioned she thought that they’d said “insect” days and was rather confused about what the teachers would be doing with the insects.

It’s been rather quiet in our house because Naomi went to her friend’s house and, when I went to pick her up after work, it had been decided that the day at her friend’s house had become a sleepover so I came home without her.

When Daniel came home from nursery, he was a bit disappointed because Naomi wasn’t there. Peter suggested he play with Dominic instead. Daniel replied “can’t like Dominic”! After a little while he got used to the fact that Naomi wasn’t around and played with Dominic instead but, by the time I’d finished my run, he had fallen asleep.

I did a slightly different route today for my run and, instead of going along the river and coming back the same way, I came back through the town. It was OK but I did have to stop to consult the map every now and then and there were an awful lot of roads to cross. In spite of my several map stops, I ran 7:44 pace for about 6.5 miles. That wasn’t too bad especially since I felt a bit lack lustre.

I’m missing Naomi already. I hope she’s having a nice time.

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