The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Back to China

I had to go to Naomi’s school to talk to the kids about life in China. I took with me some of the photos of our time in China and a few other bits and bobs. I think it went OK but I realised that I’m no better at talking to a class of 8 year olds in England about China than I was teaching Chinese pre-schoolers English.

Earlier in the day I had to listen to some presentations by MSc students in Medical Physics. They were talking about things such a motion correction on CT scans of lung tumours and planning proton beam therapy to optimise the beam. For the most part it was completely over my head. There must be some middle ground between these two extremes I faced today.

At least I got some running in. That is something I understand and something that I can do relatively well. It was speed session day with progression runs on the treadmill. So I had to do 40secs at 16kph followed by 40secs at 18kph then back to 16kph for the last 40 sec.* Then I got 2 min rest before doing it all again – well for 5 times in fact. I had the treadmill on a slight gradient (1%) following the advice of a fellow runner. 

The treadmill occasionally likes to decide for itself what pace I should be running so on a few occasions I had to fight against it trying to take me down to 9.6 kph. At least today it didn’t refuse to speed up again. 

I thought it went fairly well. I have a basic measurement to decide if these sessions went well or not. Did I finish the session? Yes  – it went well. Did I fall off the back of the treadmill? No – it went well. 

There was a man next to me walking at slightly over 2 miles per hour. I really wanted to ask him “why?” Why was he in the gym not out in the fresh air? Why was he walking at a pace that was so moderate that it was only slightly faster than standing still? There must have been a reason. Maybe he was very ill or just trying to regain a little fitness after a sedentary life. There must have been a logical explanation but I was too polite to ask him.

*for those like me who like to think of speed in terms of how long it takes to do a lap, this is 90sec per lap followed by 80sec per lap so the total distance for the 2 min is just under 600m.

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