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When is a joke not a joke?

In my blog on Wednesday, I made a comment about Naomi coming home from her friend’s house with a northern accent. I believe I wrote something like “it’s all downhill from here”. Well apparently, some people found this comment offensive!

Obviously the comment was a joke. If I cared about what accent my children speak with then I would either not have moved to Liverpool or packed them off to a boarding school where they speak The Queens English. I have no problem with northern of any other accent.

I was slightly upset that anybody could possibly be offended by such a comment. Surely the basis of much humour is to take a real observation and see the comical side of it. In our politically correct society, have we lost our sense of humour? Did the person who was offended seriously think that I was upset that my daughter had picked up a northern accent or did they simply have a complete lack of appreciation of how weird it is to have your child speaking with a standard English accent one day and a local accent the next. Surely such an observation is worthy of comment and, if possible humorous comment.

It made me wonder if I am constantly offending people. I probably am. People were probably offended that I wrote about the man walking at 2 mph on the treadmill yesterday. How dare I criticise a man who was doing perfectly legitimate exercise? I love it that people are exercising whatever speed they run or walk, it’s better than sitting on your backside doing nothing.

I wonder as a society if we have lost our ability to laugh at one another. You can’t make a joke for fear of upsetting somebody and that makes for a very boring existence.

People often say things to me that could be taken as being offensive but I presume that they are joking and, even if they aren’t, I laugh along anyway as this surprises them if they have been deliberately offensive. Let’s make the world a happier place not a place where people are so far up themselves that they can’t even take a joke. 

Rant over.

In other news, I went to look at some fume cupboards today. My joy knows no end. Actually, although it was pretty boring, the lab we visited looked really interesting. They were doing work on renewable energy and things like solid state batteries.

I also ran quicker than normal taking 10 secs off my best time for the 3.7 miles route along the river without actually deliberately running fast (7:19 per mile). I was probably running out my annoyance at somebody being offended that they were from the north of England – at least they weren’t a Liverpool fan! Oh dear, there I go again. It was a joke. I have nothing against Liverpool fans.

One comment on “When is a joke not a joke?

  1. HeyMommaCasey
    June 19, 2015

    I feel like I edit everything a hundred times because sometimes people can be such babies. Err.. I mean babies are awesome and more people should be like them.. Or something… 😉


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