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Getting muddy

I woke up to drizzle. Is it really mid June? It doesn’t feel like it. I had hoped to go running but I didn’t really want to get wet. I hoped it would stop raining, which didn’t look likely. 

The kids wanted to put a tent up in the garden – in the rain? I figured that out front room was probably big enough for the tent so we put it up there instead.  They got their sleeping bags and toys and put them inside. 

The weather began to ease off a bit around lunchtime so I got my running kit on and headed out of the door. It was still slightly damp and a bit windy but really not too bad.

I didn’t actually run all that well but it was Ok and I got a bit quicker towards the end and finished 1 second faster than the last time I did the route. However, in spite of doing exactly the same route, the app recorded it as 6.23 miles this time and 6.32 miles last time! So it reckoned I ran slower this time. Oh well. The good thing was that the rain held off and I didn’t get wet. 

As the sun actually made an appearance this afternoon, we took Naomi’s friend down to the river. For some reason the friend decided that it would be a good idea to paddle in the river with her shoes on! I’ve had to put them out in the sun to dry. I hope they’ve dried off a bit before her mum picks her up. 

I want to put my tomato plants out in the garden so I bought some canes and string. However, when I got back home I realised that there wasn’t really anywhere suitable to plant them. There is a bit of mud at the end of the path but it seems like it is just covering the path that meets the wall. Peter investigated with a spade and it certainly seems that this is the case. Anyway, Daniel was keen to get a piece of the action and got very muddy. However, since neither of the other two children have shown any interest in gardening, I am keen not to quash this burgeoning interest.
Once Daniel had started playing in the mud, everybody else wanted to get involved so now I have 4 muddy children and a rather nice mud cake. Also Naomi can cross number 13 off her list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 from the National Trust (make a mud pie).


To solve my tomato plant problem, I decided to buy a big grow bag. Hopefully that will do the trick. 

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