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Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day in Britain today. Daniel had made a card at nursery for Peter but thought that it was for me, so I got a great Father’s Day card! All the kids made cards at church though so Peter didn’t actually miss out – not that he is in the least bothered.

We had a nice testimony today in church from a member of the congregation who is 85 years old. He wanted to talk about his parents and his love for them. He attributed his long life to his obedience to the commandment “Honour your father and your mother that your days may be long in the land of the living.” He also talked about his faith in God through all those years and of God’s love for him.

It was a rest day from running but that doesn’t mean that it was a rest day. I set the kids to work cleaning my car with me. I’m not convinced that they were actually all that much help but they were enthusiastic.


The car is due for its MOT tomorrow so I really hope it passes. At least it’s clean!


I also made some savoury muffins and a yoghurt cake. The recipe for the muffins was a bit weird as it had semolina in it. I’m not sure whether it was the semolina or the yoghurt but the ‘batter’ came out more like dough. I just chucked in some extra milk and that seemed to do the trick. They taste pretty good with the flavour from the chorizo coming through but there are still a bit dry. I think they will be good with soup but perhaps a bit too doughy on their own. 

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