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Holding on

I got home in time to go to the gym. I was going to leave the speed session until Thursday but I found that I have to go to Cardiff on Thursday and I won’t be back until late so I had to do it today.

It was meant to be pretty much the same as last week on the treadmill but instead of each part being 40 sec, each part was 1 min. So, it was progression reps starting at 16kph for 1min then 1min at 18kph and back to 16kph for 1min. Three solid mins of fast running covering more than 800m and on a 1% gradient. It was tough.

I was meant to do 5 reps with 2 min rest between each but I only did 4. By the end of the 4th I was literally hanging on. Why do the last 10 secs of any rep on the treadmill feel like a full minute? 

Coincidentally, I noticed that my slow walking man (see previous blogs) was also hanging on so, not only was he not walking very fast but he was cheating by holding on to the sides!! He was, however, on quite a steep gradient so I guess that, without holding on, there was every possibility that he might fall backwards.  

The weather was pretty nice today so that might explain why there weren’t many people in the gym. Hopefully they were walking outside (or even running outside) instead.

At least the kids are enjoying the sunshine.


My poor thighs are suffering today. I’ve cycled to the station for these past two days but both times I’ve been a bit late leaving so had to cycle really fast to avoid missing the train. I think that I must have inherited the lateness gene from my mum. 

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