The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!


It was Wednesday night so that meant two laps of Sefton Park. My legs were tired from my treadmill session last night but it could have been worse.

After I dropped the kids at the after school club, I got ready to run to the park. I was convinced that I had the belt to put my iPhone in in the bottom of my bag but when I pulled out the thing that I thought was the belt, it turned out to be my bra! With a little more creativity and a lot more courage, I’m sure I could have transformed it into a neat little holder for my iPhone and keys. Instead I just ran using my watch and left the iPhone in the car. So no little voice telling me my pace every mile.

Considering the weather (humid and windy) and my general state (a bit tired) I ran fairly well and it was kind of nice to be free of the woman telling me that I was slowing down with each mile, especially on the slightly uphill sections. I have run the route slower but not much slower. It was an enjoyable run though and that’s the main thing.

The good thing about the kids going to the after school club is that there is a corner shop opposite that sells fruit and veg. I bought 2 bags of cherries for just £2. I reckon they weighed nearly 300g each. Great value. Also, cherry juice is reported to be very good for recovery after runs – something to do with the high level of anti-oxidants in them. However, I didn’t actually get much benefit from them. I got about five and the kids scoffed the rest!

I had to go to Warrington today. There is no end to the excitement of my job. Tomorrow I have to go to Cardiff. I might actually go to work on Friday for a change. I would have taken some pictures of Warrington but a) it wasn’t that interesting and b) I didn’t take my camera to the clean rooms so I can’t show you the only interesting thing there, which was the equipment they use to measure radioactivity on their quality control samples. It was very, very old – although I have to admit that it was perfectly sufficient for the task. It looked like something out of those old BBC2 Open University programmes from the late 70’s. Sorry about that. I might take some photos in Cardiff but I’m only going to look at isolators so I’m not expecting it to be all that thrilling. 

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