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Church Fair

I spent most of the day driving back and forth to Liverpool. I went through that tunnel 6 times in the space of four and a half hours. The reason? Kids.

They should warn you when you are thinking of having kids that you better like driving around because you will, at some stage, become a kind of taxi service.

Dominic had to get to a party for 1pm then Naomi had a party at 2pm (which turned out to be on the far edge of Liverpool) then I had to collect Dominic for 2.30 before picking Naomi up at 4pm!

This morning was quite fun. First of all there was a march by the Wallasey R.N.A. with the Wirral Pipe Band in attendance. They went past the end of our road.

I took Naomi out to see them but when we came back, Dominic was holding Daniel who was upset because he wanted to see them too. So I had to quickly pack Daniel into the pushchair and run up the road to catch up with the parade again. This, unfortunately, was all the running I did today.

After that I mowed the grass. Well, that’s rather a loose definition. Although somebody from the diocese spread grass seed on it several weeks ago, not much grass and quite a lot of weeds have grown. I mowed some grass and a lot of weeds. At least it looks green though.

After that we went to the church summer fair. It was quite good fun but we did get a load of rubbish. The kids wanted a go in the tombola but I could see that we weren’t going to get anything decent by the ‘prizes’ on offer. Naomi won some toiletries, which was OK, but Dominic got a small black handbag!


He was a little disappointed. However, over a cup of tea, I had a look inside and found a small, foldable, smiley pen. He was quite pleased with that. I also bought a magic tin opener (50p), a small soft toy for Naomi (50p) and a large soft toy duck (£1). If the tin opener actually works then I probably came away with a bargain but I suspect that it may not. 

There was a brief amount of excitement when the hot dog stand caught fire. I would rather have not been the one buying a hot dog when this happened only to see my purse lying on the table as flames whipped around the pan containing the hot dogs.

I rescued my purse and the flames abated with nobody hurt. The lady doing the hot dogs said she would be doing the tombola next time!


Things were a bit calmer inside and we enjoyed a cup of tea and some chocolate marzipan, although I felt the £1.10 I had paid for it was a little steep. I hope the marmalade (£1.50) is good though.

We also won (I’m not sure if won is the right word) a puzzle book, some coloured pencils, a pencil sharpener, a pack of birthday cards and a stationery set.

After that I had to become a taxi mum (which is where we started) but Peter had to crown the Rose Queen. I’m not entirely sure what this is all about but it’s some local tradition to choose a girl (usually from the Brownies) who will stand up for Christian values over the coming year. She gets crowned and then they all come to the service at the church tomorrow.

Finally I’m home but I note that the kids are making mud pies (again) so I suspect that I will be cleaning up mud for the rest of the evening!

One comment on “Church Fair

  1. notmuchofarunner
    June 27, 2015

    You’ll look back on the mud-clearing-up times as the best 😉

    And that magic tin opener…?

    …maybe it only opens magic tins!


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