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A day out in Birmingham

I thought I was going to miss my train. I could hear the beeping sound of the drawbridge from some way away and this inevitably means one thing – a long wait. But today I was on my bike and I found that that was a distinct advantage when it came to crossing from Wallasey to Birkenhead.

The drawbridge may well have been up to let some tugs through but being on a bike meant that I and my fellow cyclists were at the front of the queue when it came down again.

I got to Conway Park with plenty of time to put my bike into the new cycle storage locker – whether I’ll be able to get it out again is another matter – and catch the train to Lime Street and from there on to Birmingham.

So off I went to sunny (and it was very sunny) Birmingham for a ‘Train the Trainer’ course for the Scientist Training Programme (STP) in the NHS. 

Being a sceptical type, I wasn’t sure if this course was really going to be worth the effort but in fact it was very useful and my poor trainee will now be grilled with lots of questions about her training and how we can improve her experience. 

The course was held at the Botanical gardens in Birmingham and, in spite of living in Birmingham for four years, this was the first time I’ve ever been there. It was very nice but it was so hot that I found that sitting in the Tropical  House at lunchtime was the coolest place to relax. 

Knowing that I would have great difficulty fitting in a run today, I decided to walk from the station to the venue. Definitely a good idea and interesting to see how much Birmingham has changed since my university days.

In the meantime, I’ve found that Peter has bought a new tin opener. A Jamie Oliver tin opener, no less. After having to hack our way into a couple of tons this morning with the camping tin opener, I’m expecting great things from the new tin opener.


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