The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Bubble time

I’m not sure why (apart from the fact that half my staff seem to be missing) but it was very busy at work today. I finally managed to get some lunch at 2:45 but then somebody needed to talk to me about an upcoming clinical trial at 3 so it’s a wonder I haven’t got indigestion!

I was on the bike/train today, which is a whole load better than going in the car. When I got home I went for a bit of a run along the prom. The weather wasn’t great (raining a bit and fairly windy) but it was good to get out even though I was a bit lack lustre (3.7 miles at 7:38 per mile). I noticed a few other hardy souls had the same idea.

After the run, we went to get Daniel from the nursery and had a bit of a chat with the manager. He seems fairly happy there and I think that being able to hear better, since he had the grommets fitted, is having a positive impact.

We’ve been blowing bubbles this evening – always good fun.

Not fantastic weather for it and Naomi did complain that the rain drops burst her bubble but she still seemed to enjoy it.

I’m beginning to think that there might be enough snails in the garden a) to do some serious damage to my tomatoes and b) to have a decent snail race.


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